Tall women

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big hands

Not very little this women


Gigantic 14 years old and already 206 cm (6 foot 9 inches) tall Brazilian beauty Elisany Silva !!

This is probably one of the most beautiful true tall woman in this world. There is not the slightest trace of gigantism in her face.
Maybe she doesn't suffer from gigantism, and is healthy tall ?

At 14 years only, growing 15 centimeters per year, its quite possible she grows for an additional 20 centimeters for the next couple of years, bringing her to a 226 cm tall (7'5'').

I really love huge girls like this. I like their enormous bones, their strength. I wonder what is her weight; her bones are quite robust.
After growth is over, she will probably start to get thicker, and we will probably have a gigantic, beautiful, phenomenally strong woman like the world rarely saw until now.

We will certainly follow the growth progress of this beauty.


Valerie Vili 6'4'' 245 lbs (196 cm, 120 kg) shot putter

Can you imagine the strength of this gigantic woman ? Probably twice the strength of an average man.

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